Danielle Reed, A Real Estate Agent Uses Our Services

Real Estate Agent Danielle Reed: Using Technology to her Advantage

Danielle Reed, a real estate agent in Summerlin, Nevada, uses www.21linking.com whenever she has doubts about issues with her computers and technology she uses to run her business. Reed Sells properties at Regency at Summerlin, a senior living facility. Much of Danielle Reed’s business comes from neighboring Las Vegas, which means her business is fast-paced and to stay on top of her game, she must have all aspects of the technology she uses in working order. Whether it’s her work computers or her Internet connection, being connected is an essential part of the proper functioning of Reed’s business.

She enlisted the services of an IT company

She enlisted the services of an IT company

Here are just a few of the benefits Danielle Reed gets from her partnership with an IT firm like 21 Linking:


-Ongoing Maintenance

-A Fresh Perspective

-Peace of Mind


Reputation Management

To many, the name Berkshire Hathaway just means another multinational conglomerate, but to Danielle Reed, the company is like family. The real estate opportunities that Berkshire Hathaway has offered her helped to jump start and sustain a long lasting career for her. The BHHSNV (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nevada Properties) branch of Berkshire Hathaway operates on a more personal level than the giant Berkshire Hathaway as a corporation. However, Danielle Reed still has the Berkshire Hathaway reputation to uphold. After all, she is a representative of the brand as a whole, even if it is on a smaller scale. That’s why Reed’s computers and technology have to always be in working order – it’s not just her job that depends on it, but the reputation of a large corporation as well.


Importance of www.21linking.com

This is why www.21linking.com has become so invaluable to Reed. www.clinking.com handles all IT problems that Reed comes across. Although these days, Reed doesn’t incur many problems with her computers, as the preventative strategies that www.21linking.com practices keep Reed’s devices working properly and safe from viruses and hackers. There are many individuals that Reed would not like having her personal or business information, so she has to protect herself from ill-intentioned intruders.

Resources and Support

Because of 21 Linking, Danielle has all the resources she needs to troubleshoot any problems that she comes across in regards to her computers or any other piece of technology that she uses for her business. All the information technology she needs is provided for her on 21linking.com. And in cases in which she can’t find what she needs, an associate is always there to help her out personally, whether it’s through a one-on-one telephone call or an in-person visit. That’s the great thing about 21 Linking, is that they give clients like Danielle Reed multiple ways in which they can solve their problems. They give clients multiple resources to solve their problems on their own, but for more advanced issues, their experts are there to lend a helping hand.


An Ideal Business Relationship

The relationship between Danielle Reed and www.21linking.com is really an example of a good business relationship; both parties mutually benefit from it. The stakes are high for Danielle Reed, as she represents a large corporation known worldwide. By using 21 Linking’s services, she gets protection and ongoing IT service for a reasonable price. 21 Linking gets a high-profile client that gives legitimacy to their business and they get to practice their core activities for fair compensation.

Sorry For The Delayed Posts, I Just Got A Divorce At 21linking.com

I Just Got a Divorce, My Wife Will Take My Website

When writing this, I just got home from the court for my final divorce trial. And trust me, it’s a long, hard, and stressful process.
I won’t disclose our personal reason for separation, but i believe all divorce process will take a toll on everyone’s emotional state. Shame, guilt, anger, but most of all, fear. Humans always fear the unknown. Even worse for me, working on logical fields like I.T., nothing in divorce proceedings seems logical.

The worse part of the divorce for me is how you must switch back and forth between dealing with your own stress and the legal proceedings. The battle for custody, settlements, alimony. Believe me, I almost want to give those all up, wanting it to end sooner. But I realize that I don’t want to jeopardize my future and all the hard work I’ve done for my life.

I don’t want any of you to experience the same things I did. I hope you have a lasting and happy marriage. But if some of you are in the middle of a divorce process, or you remember reading this sometimes in the future when you’re in the middle on one, I can only advise one thing; do the one thing I’m almost too late to do: Get a divorce lawyer.


My (ex) wife and I mutually agree to have the divorce, for personal reasons I won’t disclose. Divorce lawyers are only needed when one wants a divorce, and the other disagree, right?

21linking's owners got a divorce. It was a rough process

21linking’s owners got a divorce. It was a rough process

Apparently I can’t be more wrong than that. Even when you mutually agrees for the divorce, there’ll be A LOT of things you won’t agree on like what mentioned above, custody, settlements, alimony, etc. Not to mention the wife, uh, EX-WIFE, I have to familiarize myself with that, got her lawyer first, the one that keeps pressing me through all that matters.

Depressed and stressed, and not having a lawyer friend who can help. I was looking online for a legal help, and finally got the help from Santa Cruz Law HQ (http://www.santacruzlawhq.com/top-family-law-santa-cruz/), who finally hooked me up with a divorce lawyer.

Santa Cruz Law Firms offers a legal referral service, connecting you to a lawyer who most suited your needs. They will assess your case, ask what your needs are, give advice of what should and should not be done, explain your rights and responsibilities, and many more. I got enlightened that although divorce is a bad and sad thing to have, you still have to fight for things that matter, your future life, and your kids.

I certainly don’t want another divorce, my new single life has just started. But if I ever got one again, I’ll definitely be a returning consumer! (My first joke after this several months, that’s a good sign!)


I asked that exact same question myself before, thankfully Santa Cruz Law HQ Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Santa-Cruz-Law-HQ-131477527248348/) already has lists for the answer, among them that finally appeals to me are:

-Less Stress

A divorce lawyer will take care of all your legal issues, so you can concentrate on many other things you need to focus on a divorce process, especially your personal plans and emotional state. They will ensure a quick and painless divorce process, help you with all the stressful paperwork, and give you an expert advice surrounding a divorce procedure.

-Property Division

A divorce attorney will assess your assets and property, and ensure a proper division for you and the (ex) spouse. Depending on case by case basis, this can be an easy process or a long and hard battle. Mine used to be a very hard and stressful one at the beginning but thankfully managed right just in time after i got help from Santa Cruz Law Firm.

-Managed Divorce

If managed correctly, a divorce settlement can be done without having to visit the courtroom at all. Saving you time and money for the proceedings. Santa Cruz Law Firm ((http://www.santacruzlawhq.com) will help you with this, bridging you and your ex-spouse for agreements and settlements without the use of courts. Too bad I’m a little too late in contacting them so my proceedings are already ongoing.

Again, i don’t want any of you to have to experience divorce, ever. But in a case of one, I’ll definitely recommend Santa Cruz Law Firm for your legal referral services.

Now, time for me to leave the past sadness behind and start building my new single life.